Once again, MWC brings us news in matter such as telecomunications networks, mobile terminals, tablets, software, robotics, IOT and automotive. Although last year we dared with highly evolved solutions prototypes, this year we change from more spectacular projects to less ambitious but implemented and operational examples … it does not take so much to realize that we are in a present that smells to future, where 5G is neared the corner and where IOT is already implanted in Smart Cities solutions.

Aura from Telefonica goes from being a project to a reality implemented in real applications, even though it is half finished with uneven implementation depending on country. Orange can already congratule itself for an FTTH network increasingly more capillarized for a mobile network with higher quality that aims towards and strenghfully to 5G. Ericsson demonstrates very cleverly about benefits of lack of latency even in video games or industrial process.

Mobile terminals do not bring us news although there are numerous new manufacturers on the scene in competence with traditional companies.

Huawei leaves the low-cost range in favor of high-end terminals at the same time, ZTE show as its new terminal AXON M with a double screen, the rest are back to the past as NOKIA or simple and predectible improvements in quality camera, screen dpis or speed of processor …

Robotics continues in its fantasy projected in a world in which we still dream with Blade Runner, but knowing that artificial intelligence is more nearly to be integrated into our phones or cars than in droids.

We can find monitoring TX solutions, necessary for near development of 5G.

In short words we are very close to change from «I’m working in …» to «I’ve reached the goal…», change prototypes for real implementations. It’s easy to participate in a marathon but only few runners can reach the goal … this becomes interesting …

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