On November 8th and 9th, the «Huawei European Partner Convention 2018» took place in Rome. We had the opportunity to take acknowledge about company’s development plans for a high expectatives future with a nearly starting implementation of 5G technology. Nowaday, Huawei does not match with an only limited role as mobile phones or telecommunications equipment provider, to become a wide spectrum technological driver with high potential. In words of Mr. Walter Ji (President of Consumer BG Western Europe, Huawei), “HUAWEI wants to lead us beyond the distance, beyond species and beyond time”, using sophisticated technologies based on IOT and AI (artificial intelligence). All of the above, applied to representative sectors such as industry, logistics, mobility or even medicine.

As a matter of fact, the company announced first 5G mobile phones for next 2019.

New technologies applied to automotive sector were introduced with main idea of providing vehicles equiped with smart mechanisms to improve safety, provide conectivity, automation and care for the Environment.

Conducted by Mr. David de Cremer (KPMG Chair, University of Cambridge), different experts discussed about the possible influence of Artificial Intelligence in nearly future. Dr. Chenglu Wang (President, Software Engineering Department, Huawei Consumer Business Group) highlighted that HUAWEI is assuming a big investment in this area. In fact, we found clear evidences in Mr. Hong Zhou words (President of European Research Institute, Huawei).

Mr. David Li (Vice President of Western Europe (Delivery & Service), Huawei) and Mr. Wietse Van Der Wal (Vice President of Western Europe Professional Service, Huawei), showed us partner relationship main aspects, which consider a long-term relationship with transparency in processes, considering quality as a main corporate principle, always looking for eficiency by Huawei hand. Mr. Wietse showed us evidences of time reduction obtained in PO processes and billing.


Finally, the capabilities of the ISDP tool were demonstrated with the main goal of ​​automating processes and improving end-to-end efficiency, even allowing connectivity solutions with partners (B2B). We would like to congratulate HUAWEI for fully successful event which took place simultaneously with conferences and exhibitions in wide dedicated spaces of La Nuvola placed in the beautiful city of Rome. Special thanks to Zuki Wong for spanish partners attention.





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